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We are gathering people who found out football as something they are interested in and would like to try to give themselves even more interaction in this environment in data scout job. Freelancer football matches reporters have a lot of interesting job offers in this branch and it is our mission to train you so that you will be able to provide live scoring data from not your area but also other places in the world.

We are focalizing and developing people which are committed to different sport disciplines so they can become high standard match reporters. They are equipped with a small mobile device to help them with sending a data from the event. These gadgets are adjusted just for it so our football data scouts would be able to deliver fast and accurate information straight to our database in real time. We are looking for freelancer scouts and reporters who would be sending us live data from sport events around the world. It is a job for people who are interested in various sports and events. We are training people so they can become professional match reporters who have a sharp mind, with a possibility to get an access into many different sport information and occasion to see as many team competitions as they like. Thanks to that we are creating worldwide network with thousands of trustful and talented scouts who can send an accurate and dynamic data from a stadium.

There is great amount of match reporter job offers and thanks to professional freelancer match reporters and scouts, our Partners collects data from more than 200.000 sports events per year and it is also including 10 different sports such as football, basketball, volleyball and tennis. Also from different variations of them like American football and beach volleyball, we provide data from sports like a handball as well. That data is used for example by bookmakers and other different gambling industries. All of our talented scouts have opportunities to see a lot of their favourite’s sport matches at live not only at their region, but even at the big major tournaments. Football scout job is also giving an opportunity to meet star players from different leagues and sport environments.

All of it would be not possible without a proper actions form us as well, we cannot leave our talented scouts without a proper preparation and opportunities. Success in that kind of network depends on being open to reciprocal influence. We want our people to send an online data with a good care and so as well we want to give them an opportunity to get into that kind of sport facilities as fast and easy as possible. In that case, our trained high standard scouts getting also paid their ticket fee for transportation cost as well standard match fee so they can get into the event without any problems at their side. We love sports, and scout job opportunities are great for any man or women that love it as well. A lot of interesting information and free event participation is something that all of our football talent scouts getting from this job.