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We are performing scout sports recruitment for people who loves to be online with all the information about their favourite teams or various sport disciplines generally. If you are interested for example in football, have favourite teams or just enjoying sport competitions then you might be able to find a perfect job here. If you answered to any of these questions yes, then you need to keep reading!

There is great amount of sports match reporting vacancies in almost any country and thanks to that we can train professional freelancer match reporters and scouts. Our Partners collects data from more than 200.000 sports events per year and it is also including 10 different sports such as football, basketball, volleyball and tennis.

All you need to become part of a huge community with over thousands of co-workers is an enthusiasm toward sport topic and a little training provided by us and your senior fellows. Maybe you will meet some former coaches or retired players that you knew, many scouts are just like it and willing to share their experience with young, enthusiastic people.

Sports data jobs require sharp mind and the ability to send fast and accurate live data to the system you will be able to accomplish it thanks to special application or mobile device that you will be using. Just have to know that while computer software is really helpful in tracking statistics, it is still the job for people who scout matches to find out skills of players and make logic, and hard calls as to whether or not they are fitting in the team they work for. Yes, a sports data job is one of the elements in the scout responsibilities. You will spend most of your job time at sport events such as matches, trainings and meetings. If you love sport then probably you would like to have some influence in team’s squads etc. With your presence and sharp eye you might be able to find for out a new, bright talent. Your other responsibilities may also include watching either young or already established players and documenting their actions to find out their potential or lack of it.

Sports betting job vacancies is a different thing you might be interested in. Since we are providing scout sports recruitment and offering match reporting vacancies then together with a sports data jobs you can choose to be also responsible for preparing trading models for events or making an accurate manipulation of trading models while monitoring an condition of the market to maintain pricing before matches for both in-play and non-live events. If you choose betting job then you can also be delegated to analyze trading routine for future reference and management performance. To be a part of our big, sport oriented community all you have to do is fill our scout sports recruitment application which you can find at our site. For those who are interested in sports data job and getting reporting or betting vacancies - get in touch if you are passionate about sport and happy to share your passion with others!